Riffy Seedlings 9 & 10: Melodic Intro-Like Riff & Groovy Finger-Picked Riff


This one will serve as a nice intro and melodic hook to a steady rock song in E minor. Watch the two G notes in the middle, one on D string and one on the open G string. After this intro you can just play a partial figure of that melodic line — repeating this whole figure too many times (like I do here) will be tiresome.


Here is an interesting riff, I can hear the opening single-note part being rock, blues or something laid-back like reggae.  It’s just a G octave, but with a swinging rhythm and a little ornamentation it can be this catchy.  Watch out for the Bb to D jump down on the turn around — everything else is a step-wise G minor pentatonic, but that jump gives is enough momentum to go back to the beginning.  I played the C to Bb response section with modern voicing, but playing a more traditional C or Bb bar chord will make this sound more straight-up classical rock or blues rock.

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