I Started Planting “Riffy Seedlings”

Riffy Seedlings still

I’m sure you can relate.  You are noodling on your guitar and come up with a cool new riff.  You scramble around for something to record, for if you don’t capture it now you’ll soon forget.  Inspirations are fleeting.

I first used Quicktime and built-in mic on my Mac, but these days I mostly use my iPod Touch to capture video.  Then I thought, why don’t I post them?  The vast majority of these seedlings don’t end up becoming songs, not because I don’t think they don’t deserve to be (if I didn’t think they were any good I’d never bother to capture them to begin with) but mostly because I don’t have the time turn all of them into full-fledged songs.  But if I post them for what they are, and added a little commentary pointing out what’s interesting about these riffs — perhaps they can serve as an idea fodder for fellow guitar songwriters.

All right, these are not iPod videos, I do have to practice some of them before I can play it cohesively enough so that you can understand these riffs.  But most of them are pretty new and raw, so forgive my stumbling here and there.

So here are the first three.  I’m going to spend the next month or two stashing them so I can post on a regular basis (weekly or something like that), but until then, enjoy these appetizers.



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