My First Videos!

I’ve been thinking about getting into posting videos for a long time, but I finally figured out how to take video using my MacBook’s iSight camera but with audio coming from my audio interface.  So these look like crap but I’d say the sound is superior to most webcam or phone videos.

It’s quite embarrassing but I am also excited to venture into this new (to me) arena of expression.  It’s quicker to make than some blog articles, too.  Above all, I feel good about doing something within my means — I can of course think about a better camera/lens or better editing or better background or better guitarist, but instead of waiting until I can present something presentable, I’m just going to go raw.

So here are two of my first guitar-related videos, humbly submitted for your amusement.

I intend to make more — and get better at it.

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