Paul Gilbert’s Pentatonic Lesson

Recently I’ve been watching the myriad of Paul Gilbert guitar lessons available on YouTube.  I’m not a huge fan of his music (Mr. Big’s Lean Into It was the only album I owned) but watching these I am developing more interest in his music, as Paul just strikes me as a guy who of life.  His youthful, unabashed love of guitar just comes through in his jolly tirades.  And his licks have this craftiness and accessibility.  Paul can play these impossibly fast, but when slowed down they seem so simple, you’re just tempted to try them to see if you can get them under your fingers.

It seems that with age Mr. Gilbert really matured to take advantage of his range and bluesy shades, as this Robin Trower cover attests.   Again, he can go insanely fast — but he doesn’t do it the whole song.  And above all, it just sounds fun.

Guitar playing ain’t nothing if it ain’t fun… and Paul reminds me of that.  I’d love to hang out with him someday.  I think we’ll have a jolly ol’ time.

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