Well-Done Demos of Dirt Pedals

There have been enough of them, and many of them not-so-well-done, that I think best practices are starting emerge for doing demos of gear.

  • Get straight to hearing what the product can do (no extended speech at the beginning running through tech specs) — with the exception of hearing the clean sound for a second, if demoing a dirt pedal
  • Don’t talk!  Just captions on the screen explaining what’s going on.
  • Show the settings, but not necessarily the pedal itself.  We still want to see the guitar and fingers.
  • And of course, give us the range.
  • (and hey, a sense of humor is always fun.  Especially — don’t take yourself too seriously.  Don’t over-hype.)

Here are a couple I was just watching: Psionic Audio Telos and Blackout Effectors Mantra.  I loved the visual treatment of the latter, particularly.  Very well-executed.



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