Finally, More Options Among Pitch-Bending Effects: A Big Brother to Digitech Whammy

I’ve always been interested in pitch bending effects.  What can I say — I came of age in 90’s!  Pitch bending is a new type of effect only made available by advance in digital technology, and to my ears they offer fresh sound.

Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing has been on my list of must-try ever since it came out, but I just learned that Digitech finally released a more feature-rich big brother to Whammy 4: Whammy DT.

Digitech Whammy DT

Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing

Now, feature-wise, Whammy DT isn’t as rich as Ring Thing — though that momentary switch is nice.  And the $450 price tag (probably $399 street?) is a bit steep.  On the plus side, of course compared to Ring Thing it already has an expression pedal built in, so it’d take up less space on the ‘board.  The demos I heard of Ring Thing offer astonishing tracking, I’ll be curious to see how Whammy DT compares to that.

I’d love to do a shootout some time.  🙂

Source: Premier Guitar

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