My Choice of Metronome: Sabine ZipBeat 6000

A metronome being something I spend a lot of time with, I consciously sought out one that really works for me.

And I chose this one for the sole reason: being able to dial the tempo.

It’s just so simple and intuitive.  I hate those metronomes that have a digital display of beats, with up and down buttons to change tempo.  I find that I have no patience for pushing those buttons and waiting for the machine to adjust the tempo.  A dial is so much more intuitive, you just grab and rotate.  I don’t need to zoom in on the exact beats-per-minute, I just need to get to a ballpark tempo so I can practice with it.

I like this Sabine because it’s just simple.  I seldom use it for anything other than just generating simple beats.  No frills, no distractions.  That’s what I’m looking for in a metronome.

Sabine ZipBeat 6000

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